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Thread: Coming to Okinawa in June!

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    Coming to Okinawa in June!

    I will be coming to Okinawa in June. I am ready to do some serious diving. What do the dive shops charge for O2 cleaning and VIS on LP steel tanks? I have a 120lp steel that will probably need to be O2 cleaned when I get there. Is it pretty easy to get NITROX fill there? I've heard there is no spearfishing for SCUBA divers, only free divers with a pole spear. I will be at Camp Foster, what dive clubs are there in Okinawa? Well I can't wait to get there, I have been landlocked for 3 years and only been diving Toledo Bend Reservoir/Lake. I am going to Pensacola, Florida this weekend to get some diving and spearfishing in!!

    Any information would be great!!


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    tarah75, my name is Lawrence and I work at Courtney Tsunami Scuba and I can provide you some prices that we charge in Tsunami Scuba. First though, I'm assuming you are military or dod civilian. If not we can't help you. Anyway O2 cleaning is $65 (cylinder and valve) and Nitrox fills is usually takes a couple of days and your set to go. EAN fills cost $5.50 per bottle. Visual inspections is $9.00 plus air fill. Our main store is at Foster and all the maintenance is done there.

    That is correct about spearfishing and personally I've been telling my customers just stick to diving......especially after recent events. Now that the lockdown is over everybody is good to go.

    As for a club, their is one that is called Tsunami Divers. It had just got started and seems like its going to be around for a while. Website is Tsunami Divers - Home. Your coming at a descent time. June is still apart of the rainy season yet who says you can't go diving. Let's hope its not as WET as it was the last couple of years.

    You'll enjoy it here. Especially if you like to dive alot theirs alot places to go to. Majority beach/seawall entries. Boat diving is also available (of course). Just check Tsunami divers and the information is their.

    Recently Tsunami Scuba has been offering alot of free courses and if you are not an instructor you can get it for no charge. Just buy the education materials and your on your way.

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