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Thread: The great ST weight loss thread!

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    Welcome to the fun CharlesR. Good luck.
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    Is anyone still playing along?

    I would love to join in here as I have about 50lbs or so "extra" I could let go... I am currently 250lbs at 5'11" tall. The doctor told me yesterday I should set my first goal for a loss of 25lbs to get me started. Sooooo, I am setting March first as my date to loose the first 25, then Sept. first for the grand total. I want to weigh 199lbs by Sept. '08. So there's my goals, is anyone with me?????

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    Boomer, welcome to the game! there's several of us still playing along (check the weekly weigh in thread) as for me, I want to lose 20 pounds by the January.
    Good luck!

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