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Thread: Tarpon for a dive buddy

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    I just go back from Bonaire. Did a few night dives on Small Wall. Each time, a 3 foot tarpon showed up and used our lights to hunt. It was cool at first, but after a while it kind of took over the dive. He would sit about 2 feet from my head swimming along. If I would shine on a fish, he would stalk it. Twice I witnessed him scarfing fish. If I quit shining for him and went back to looking in holes and under overhangs, he would hang out by my head again, which was a little unnerving. I started calling him Charlie.

    We had the same experience in Bonaire in September 08, only we had a pair. They would come in so close they would touch you. Hungry guys!

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    You DO KNOW what eats Tarpon right? =)

    Could you imagine a group of divers using their lights to "help" the Tarpon hunt and then wham!!! The tarpon becomes the hunted. That to me would be priceless.
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    does this screw up the natural order of things?

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    that sounds really cool. Im kinda new to diving so I hope something like that happens once in awile

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    My advice to divers is not to bother playing god for a thrill underwater. Intentionally pointing the light of doom on a random victim to incite a sacrifice does not strike me as a thrill. In fact, it just seems needlessly aggressive.

    Even if you don't agree with my admittedly rather puritantical general perspective on the matter, at least consider this: In Bonaire, you are in a marine protected area. Dramatics aside, how does willfully attempting to kill a small (supposedly protected) fish through the use of a flashlight functionally differ from attempting to kill a small (supposedly protected) fish with a spear, line, or trap and leaving it for the crabs?!

    I am (almost) always happy to have a predator as a buddy. However, I recognize that it is in the predator's nature to use whatever is at its disposal to gain an advantage on its prey (e.g., I have found that trumpet fish often pretend to be a part of my camera to aid in a sneak attack). Therefore, short of not diving, I do what I can to avoid playing god. I hope that others will consider doing likewise.

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    does this screw up the natural order of things?
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