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    Light Package

    I am looking at some light packages and would like to get some opinions on them.

    The first is the UK E-LED Package:
    • 1 C4 eLED® Light - Fluorescent Yellow
    • 1 MiniQ40 eLED® Light - Fluorescent Yellow
    • 1 Mini Pocket eLED® Light - Fluorescent Yellow
    • 1 eLED® Penlight - Fluorescent Yellow

    The other is the Princeton Tec LED Light Pack:
    • Shockwave LED Princeton Tech's most popular primary light
    • The New innovative Impact XL LED light
    • The Eco-Flare personal tank locator light
    • Gadget Gear Coil Lanyard
    • Gadget Gear Mini Retractor

    Thank you for your help.

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    Both packages are pretty much equal. If I were to purchase one, I would probably go for the Princeton Tec LED package simply because I HATE the design on the UK lights...(i.e. the tubular battery compartment with an offset lighthead). Also, the Shockwave LED is a helluva light cannon for the price, and you also get lanyards and retractors for the units. Just my opinion, but hope it helps.

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    I have the Princeton LED set and it works very well, the lights have been very reliable and easy to use. I do not use the retractor that came in the kit because it is not very strong, substituted it with an XS Scuba retractor.

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