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Thread: Tusa manufactured.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mike_s View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Largo View Post
    I didn't think that ScubaPro sold anything online.

    that's one of the reasons its better to buy a comparible product from another manufacturer.

    ScubaPro won't sell online and wants you to pay full list price through one of it's full price dealers.

    They have good gear, but why line their pockets when there is competitive gear and better prices. One of the reaons that Scuba Toys doesn't sell their gear. The issues with them in the past and their online policy.
    and that's partially why I bought the Tusa regs... not a huge fan of Scubapros policies... I just went to Leisurepro for pricing because they sell "unauthorized" scubapro stuff... I have a great amount of respect for their product, and love my "TusaPro" Regs
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    ScubaPro and TUSA used to share some manufacturing and have some similar regs, but nothing in the current lineup is shared.

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