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Thread: Rs-130

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    How about an update, TexasDiver? I'm thinking of possibly getting the RS130.


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    I have the RS130's dad: RS30. Aside from a little hard to breath at max depths, it's still a nice rig.

    I once saved a man in Wichita just to watch him dive...(inventor)

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    I had mine down to 74ft this past weekend and had no change in the flow from it. I have only adjusted it 1 click on the side. I did find you had to suck air with the dial as low as it could get but just that one click up made a huge difference. I did not notice any free flow from it during entry/exit, paddling on the surface or during primary/octo swaps on the platforms. We did 2 dives this weekend with them 1 for 38 mins and 1 for 33 and not one problem. As stated before I am extremely happy with the purchase.

    I will also say I am not sure if the hose ST put on was longer than the standard but I do not feel it try to pull out of my mouth like the scubapro I was renting. Not sure if it hose, reg or what was making it pull. Could be I finally got use to breathing with a reg as well.

    Hope this helps.

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    Awesome! Thanks for the update. All info is good info to know.

    Maybe the hose on your rental was shorter... or maybe a bit more stiff. Who knows!? At least your personal reg isn't doing it.


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