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Thread: Would like some input.

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    Would like some input.

    Hi all,
    I am looking at a few different dive computers. I was wondering what is everyone's experience/ knowledge,etc for the Tusa SCA-343. Is a good computer? thank you for your input.

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    My wife and I have had the sca-343 for 3+ years and about 200 dives. We both like the console. I like the IQ-700 computer better than the Aeris Manta I wear on my wrist. I find the buttons and menus a bit more intuitive and easier to push -- of course, the IQ-700 was my first computer so that may be biasing my opinion on the intuitiveness of the menus. The Tusa is more conservative than the Aeris. Overall, I've been quite happy with the SCA-343 console.

    Hope this helps.


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