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Thread: Diving with fibroids?

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    Diving with Fibroids

    I had fibroids and dove with it.

    I was doing my commercial scuba license. Didn't know i had fibroids, just knew i was in a lot of pain and had a lot of bleeding when my 'shark week' arrived each month. I didn't do anything about it because i was travelling a lot and just thought it was a normal body change or perhaps diet and physical activity of diving 5 times a day. If anything, it was more annoying then anything else: The pain was debilitating and the bleeding was starting to effect my job as a commercial diver... in a dry suit ... for 4 hour dives ... with an all male crew... and no toilets. I finally went to the doctors to go on birth control to control it and wanted to know how the drugs would effect me underwater, that's when i was told i had a extremely large tumour in my uterus and that i was anemic, borderline transfusion. When your HG blood count goes below 80, you need immediate blood transfusion. Mine was at 81, so i took immediate Iron injections. At the time, I was getting ready for my new diving project in the Mediterranean and that's when my doctor told me, in my condition, i should not dive. I was forbidden to dive for 6 months - that was the hardest to deal with.

    It is really important to know all the details of your type of fibroids and what it is doing to your body. If there is excessive bleeding, the issue isn't whether sharks will smell you coming, it's with anemia, which can cause dizziness and extreme fatigue, more specifically if you are diving while on 'shark week'. I wondered why i always felt exhausted at the end of the day, and attributed it to the amount of diving i was doing.

    But if you are anemic (no matter the medical condition), diving would not be a good idea. You can take iron pills and supplements, and possibly transfusion if it comes to that. It also depends on the depth of your dives. Shallow diving will be more acceptable, although if your HG blood levels are below, say, 140, you really should go to a doctor about going on iron pill/injections and find a way to stop the blood loss.

    I had a laparoscopic myomectomy. Frankie the Fibroid is gone. Shark Week better. Diving more enjoyable and safe.

    Hope i helped in some way.

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    I believe that PADI offers a specialty course on diving with fibroids.

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