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Thread: sunnto's in general

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    nice information, as for "freaking the computer" i like the idea to make sure your alarms and the computer itself works!! especialy after servicing and in this lawsuit prone day. like i believe in i get all my gear service during the winter( sorry not into ice diving hahah) so i have no issues with getting it back in time.

    thanks also for the information on the sunnto and dive rite algorythms, didn't know that, and considering i am still learning alot about the sunntos, i can use all the help i can get.!!! but as for right now, i am on battery changes for a while hahahah gotta do the dirty work first haha

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    I currently use a Suunto D9 and a Suunto Vytec. I have racked up about 1000 dives on the D9 and about 500 dives on the Vytec. I also have the transmitter.

    I normally have the D9 on my left hand and the Vytec on my right. Both computers have the algorythm set at 50% which is to be more aggressive.

    Suunto are very big here in Australia and also in Asia. Most Instructors and dive masters I know use Suunto. Other brands are rarely seen except by visiting American divers.

    The D9 is a well built and stylish watch computer which you can wear everyday and is packed full of features which most everyday diver will never use. The wtach body itself is made from titanium which makes it very strong and attractive to the eye.

    The battery isnt user replaceable but I have racked about 350-400 dives before the battery had to be replaced. It is a pain to send back to the distributor for battery replacement but thats the price you pay for a such a compact dive computer/watch. You would do the same if you have an expensive non-diving watch. Actually I have replaced the watch band (rubber) more times than the batteries. The crystal glass display is hard but you still get scratches with hard use.
    I bought one of the first D9 that came out and did have some trouble with it. It was replaced by the local distributor and the new version hasnt missed a beat yet. I believe the local distributor here in Australia is giving a 5 year warrantee on them also.

    I actually prefer the Suunto Vytec when I am diving. Its bigger which is easier to read and it has a different display layout which displays more information than the Suunto D9. These things are bullet proof and also have user replaceable batteries. I also have it on a bungee puck instead of the standard strap. I recommend the bungee straps to anyone and also the screen protector as the plactic display can scratch easierly.

    The transmitter is an option you can buy at the cost of about $400. It is a pain to "pair" the computers to the transmitter as it takes 20 seconds by placing the computers right next to the transmitter. I believe the idea is if there is more than one transmitter that your not getting someone elses data. If there is more than one transmitter on the boat for example they computer displays a code for the link between your computer and your transmitter. If the other computer/transmitter displays the same code you have to change the code again so that they are not the same. I have never had a problem with other suunto transmitter nearby with this.
    The upside of the transmitter is that data is sent from your first stage to your computer on your wrist. Tank pressure and air consumption. The air consumption is worked out in minutes until you get you a certain point ie 35bar, I never really bother at looking at this data. I like having the computer display the cylinder pressure as I can quickly read the information when I have my hands full ie holding a dSLR camera. I still have a glass/brass SPG and would never dive without it. It is easy when guiding other divers to pull out the SPG and point to it when your asking what their cylinder pressure is. If you point to your dive computer and try to ask for the cylinder pressure they probably think your asking for the time and give you "its half pass 12".
    The biggest down side to the transmitter is that it costs alot of money $400. Batteries are user replaceable and it takes a 1/2aa battery which are about $8. Transmitter batteries last about 500 dives.

    Conservatism of the Suunto computers has been discussed many times and also on this forum. Yes there is other computers that are much more aggressive than the Suuntos but you really have to look at your own diving requirements to see if you really need an aggressive computer. "It allows me to go deeper for longer" might not really suit someone that only dives a few times a year, is new to diving, unfit, over weight etc etc

    I have used my Suunto's on liveaboards and never had an issue as I am always diving on 32-36% mix. Its always long shallow diving as I have a camera and dont often go passed 30m for a pic.

    When I use the Suunto's in deep wreck diving I prefer the conservatism of the Suuntos when compared to Aladin. On 60m dives the Aladins clear from deco about 5-7minutes before the Suuntos. After a deep dive I prefer to clear my Suunto and wait even more just to be on the safe side. Suunto's give you the option to gas switch during the dive which is great if you want to jump onto a high O2 mix for off gasing.

    The D9 also offers deep stop algorthym which calculates deeper stop points for you to off gas. This algorthym also will shorten your deco time. I havnt personally used it yet as I prefer to use both computers at the same algorythm when doing deep dives.

    The issue with racking up alot of no-flying time and just using the 18 hour rule just doesnt make sense to me. Especially when the no flying time goes into days and not hours. This happens alot when your diving in resorts or liveaboards where your doing alot of diving and also alot of deeper diving. Use your computer as a guide and use some common sense. If it has worked out that your no-fly time is much more than 24 hours take the extra day sight seeing, sleeping, lounging around the pool just to be on the safe side.

    This can be used on a long diving trip. Have a look at your no-fly time on your computer and see how your travelling with Nitrogen absorbtion. If your computer/s are racking up alot of hours maybe reduce your depth or the number of dives, maybe even have a break from diving or a day. Nitrox is a great tool so use it.


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    Dunno that the Suunto's are that popular around Australia and Asia? I use a Suunto Stinger for a back-up (in 500 dives it has locked-up twice). Most people I dive with use an I got one as well - it is generous with bottom times and in calculating no-fly times. The stinger gives you a 12hr no-fly time just for wearing it in a swimming pool! I use a Nitek He as a back-up to tables for tech-diving and find it nearly as conservative as the Suunto. Suunto battery changes are riduculously expensive in Oz - $100 for the Stinger last time vs $25 for the Aladin with new o-ring and pressure test.

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    I use a Vytec DS and I have not had any indications that it is more conservative on dive time. Even over multiple days of multiple dives. I love it.
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    I use a wrist mount Sunnto Vyper and really like it -- but I have run into the "Sunnto conservativeness" issue while diving with people using other computers. At depth, others seem to be able to eek out a few more no deco minutes.

    I have found one slightly annoying thing... 10 meters seems to be a "magic" depth on the Sunnto -- I've found that in some circumstances at the end of a dive, the no deco time will change significantly if you are slightly above vs. slightly below 10m. My speculation is that there is something in the algorithm that triggers a step function change at 10m but I haven't been able to confirm this with Sunnto. Any one else experience this?

    I've considered going to a Uwatec (based on good reviews from a few friends) -- but at the end of the day I'm pretty attached to my Sunnto Vyper!

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