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    Flower Garden ??

    I've heard from a few dive shops that sometimes (about 30% of the time) trips to the Flower Gardens get canceled (due to weather). Can anyone confirm or deny that.

    I have a retail business....takes quite a bit of planning to get away for even a short trip...would hate to make arrangements and then have it canceled. Of course, on the flip side, would hate to be stuck on a boat with 10' seas in the middle of a hurrican too

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    That's the nature of the sea. Nobody can control the weather. The boat operators look at a number of public and subscription marine forecasts and make the call around noon, about 8 hours before departure.

    Cancellations run very high in the early part of the year, some years up to 80% of Feb/Mar/April trips get scrubbed. Late summer is much calmer, very few are no go unless there is a tropical system in the gulf.
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