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Thread: Aeris Atmos II - blinking battery icon

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    Aeris Atmos II - blinking battery icon

    Just like the title subject states...
    Old battery, new battery, doesn't matter...

    - when activated at the surface (dry) or after a dive (wet - surface interval), it shows a flashing low battery icon AND the colon symbol flashes in sync with it.

    - I never get the low battery icon while submerged.

    - The flashing low battery icon has (on occasion) stopped flashing after a 1+ hour surface interval (after an actual dive).

    Had a friend (with a different computer) experience this recently. Anybody else know of/heard of/have any idea how to fix this? Or is this a "feature" of the model?

    All responses are welcome. Thanks!
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    I use an Atmos Elite. First off, the Aeris DC's seem particular about the type of battery. Sony seems to be the factory default. I've tried others and while I am 'low battery' free for awhile, its def. less than with a nice *fresh* Sony CR2450.

    I've also seen comment that when changing the battery, one should 'short out' the DC's battery terminals for a moment. I've been following that advice for awhile now with no ill effects each time I change the battery.

    Barring some physical issue with the DC, the low battery indicator does go away after a bit if the battery is ok. The issue (other than annoyance) is that the back light won't work while the 'low' condition is showing.

    Try the above and if you are still having issues, perhaps its time for a call to Aeris..

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    I have an Elite and experience the same problem occasionally. I usually ignore it, but check the voltage now and then. I also dive with a regular SPG in addition to the computer.

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    Blinking batter light on power on

    I was seeing a continual blinking battery indicator after only 9 dives and after the computer had sat unused for almost a year. So I replaced the battery (well Scuba Toys replaced it for me) and then it seemed to be working fine. They told me that the battery shouldn't have been dead that quickly and to watch for any problems.

    So, after my dive trip to Florida in June I waited a few weeks and then tested the computer. At that point I was seeing similar behavior on my Atmos II as well. For me, I get the blinking for about 15 minutes after I first turn it on, then it seems to go away and work fine as far as I can tell. I didn't want to take any chances, so I took it up to Scuba Toys and they sent it off to be serviced. I should find something out in a few weeks on mine.

    // Sean

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    Ok all, thanks! Sounds like I'm not going crazy. I read the flippin' manual backwards and forwards, looking for some clue or hint as to the cause. Sounds like all batteries are not created equal, or some/many dive computers are finicky with what batteries they are fed. I'll keep an eye on it and change the battery every six months (better safe than sorry).

    Thanks all for the replies!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stryker View Post
    For me, I get the blinking for about 15 minutes after I first turn it on, then it seems to go away and work fine as far as I can tell.
    // Sean
    While I can't remember where I got this information, I understand it is common to see a battery warning when starting up an Aeris computer. The compter draws more amperage during the self check, so if you have less than a new battery you may see the low bat symbol which tends to disappear shortly after.
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    A batterry's newness is not necessarily a guarantee of its full capacity.
    Temperature can kill a battery even if it has never been used.
    Normal maximum storage temperatures are about 104F.

    That battery you just bought might have come in from
    china on a container ship to California and sat in the hot sun at the dock
    or been on a truck that drove across Arizona in 100F+ temps and cooked
    the life out of it before you even had a chance to open the package.
    Many of the energizers come in from Mexico and then probably are
    trucked across Texas where the air temperatures in the summer
    are over 100F every day. Just this week in Dallas we had air temps
    (which are measured in the shade) of around 105F.

    So you really can never know how "full" a new battery is without measuring
    its voltage under some amount of load.

    --- bill

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    I have an Aeris Atmos AI. I also get the low battery warning when I first turn it on. It always goes back to normal sometime during the first dive. I have to admit that I have stopped being conscerned about this "false" indication. I change my battery every 200-300 dives.
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    I have a Aries xr1-nx from Scubatoys, the low battery indicator comes today after only 5 dives. I am not sure if it will be better after it submerged yet.

    another thing about this computer is that it seems to be on forever. i don't know how many days or hours it will turn itself off after surfaced..
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    I have had the Atmos 2 since last October & it never had this problem. Recently I did my first salt water dive & it did it the day after when I went to download it... After reading this thread (and assuming everyone does more saltwater diving than I do, which was very little until recently), I have a feeling maybe it's a slight leak in the battery compartment letting in a little water. In fresh water it wouldn't really affect anything, no salt. The salt crystallizing inside the compartment may cause it. Especially if it's a slow leak where rinsing after a day of diving isn't getting in there to clear it out. I spent the day diving freshwater yesterday & it didn't act up... Just a thought...
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