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Thread: Dive Trip to San Juan, WA

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    Dive Trip to San Juan, WA

    Hi I'm new here. My dad and I are planning a dive trip for Labor Day week, and are planning on camping on the San Juan Island. I was wondering if anybody could tell me of any good campgrounds, and dive sites on the San Juan Island. Are there any good shore dives? Who does charters in that area.
    If San Juan island isnt so hot for an intermediate diver, is there any other place in that area you might recomend?


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    well, I haven't dove from san juan but I picked up a business card from Neknek charters there...............can't tell you any more about them.
    I have dove from whidbey island w/ "whidbey island dive center" good bunch of guys. also there are some dive shops in antacortes.............where you may be taking the ferry from...............
    any other help please let me know............................r.l.r.

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