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    Ireland has some great diving especially in the South. Ceck out Achill Island in County Mayo. Great diving and even better Guinness. It's cold though so pack accordingly.
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    Northern Ireland

    The north channel between Ireland and Scotland has some big wrecks that were sunk by U-boats in the wars. From U-boats and puffers to liners and Battleships.

    MV William Manell - First World War converted minesweeper sunk when she hit a mine. Lying in 30 metres of water in Culdaff Bay, Co. Donegal.
    SS Castle Eden - First World War freighter torpedoed. Lying in 32 metres of water in Culdaff Bay. Broken up but contains lots of marine life.
    RMS Laurentic -15,000 ton White Star liner mined during the First World War carrying a cargo of gold to Canada; all but 2% was recovered. Lying in 40 metres of water 2 miles north of Lough Swilly.
    JUSTICA - White Star Liner torpedoed 1918, lying in about 65metres of water, 32,000tons shipwreck !!!
    EMPIRE HERTIAGE - Steam tanker torpedoed 1944 lying in about 65metres of water, 16,000 tons shipwreck !!! Cargo of sherman tanks, massive boilers, world class dive
    CUMBERLAND - Steamer torpedoed 1940, 11000 tons , carrying general cargo which include loads of Royal Doulton plates, Depth 50metres.
    AUDACIOUS - WW1 Battlecruiser sunk by mine 1914, 32000 tons!!!!. Depth about 65 metres, massive wreck , covered in fish life.
    Dunaff Head Lough Swilly A series of gullies running north/south between Dunaff Island, narrowing in the centre to an inverted keyhole swim through. General depth: 15 - 25 metres.
    Devils Cut Malin Head - Huge caverns link the gully to the open Atlantic Ocean. Amazing rock formation and everyone needs to dive this one..
    Inistrahull Island - Various wreck and reef dives around this island, strong tides and exposed seas requires experience and well equipped divers

    Scuba Diving Equipment - Dive Club in Ireland - Aquaholics
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