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Thread: rough weighting guidelines?

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    rough weighting guidelines?

    I am trying to guesstimate how much weight I will need on my first drysuit dive. Once I am there, and in the water I can do a bouyancy check, but I want to be at least close if I can.

    I dive in 50ish degree salt water. With a 7mm john and 7mm top, with AL80 I use 30 pounds (and felt borderline light, so I wouldn't try to go lower right now). I used 26 pounds with same setup with a LP Steel 72, and that felt perfect.

    I am 180 pounds, and will be using a laminate drysuit with Bare T-100 undies. I will probably be using an AL80 until I can save more pennies.

    Anyone want to take a hand at guessing the rough range my weight requirements will be?

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    I'd start with what you're using now. When I was diving AL80 doubles with my 2 piece 7mm suit, my weight requirements didn't change much when I went dry with a heavy undergarment.

    You may find you're overweighted, but it shouldn't be TOO far off.
    Matt Silvia

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    perfect, thanks... exactly what I was looking for.

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    I found that I used slightly less weight for my drysuit and light undies than for my 5mm wetsuit and hooded vest.

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    You didn't mention the specific model of drysuit that you're using. I was slightly overweighted after adding 6 pounds when going from a 7mm full-length wetsuit to a Bare Nex-Gen Pro with Bare T-100 undergarment. Since you were wearing a 7mm john + 7mm top, you might not have to add much weight at all when switching to the drysuit. For that first dive, I wouldn't add more than 6 pounds. Do the weight check at the end of the dive...and you'll probably find that you'll need 0 - 4 pounds from your previous configuration. Good luck. Let us know how it goes.

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    I'm with the "keep what weight you have" crowd. I think you will a bit over-weighted, but you can have a safe dive and adjust on later ones. Keep in mind that your pre and post dive weight checks' accuracy will be VERY dependent on how well you control the air in your suit... burp it well at the start, and make sure you don't have excess air in it at the end.

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