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Thread: Giant stride with camera in hand

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    Quote Originally Posted by PhD4JC View Post
    I've always preferred tucking it under my arm, because if I leave it on the boat, it usually ends up getting "thrown" (instead of passed) to me--which I hate.

    But my next camera will have an external flash, so I will have to rethink this process.
    DMs on our boats just have a 10-12' length of rope with a big brass clip at the end, and lower the cameras to the divers who need them. Works on everything from tiny instant camera rigs (for those who don't jump with them) up to monster video rigs.

    I would have some serious harsh words, and possible violence, to any DM who THREW a camera to me.

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    Handed down if possible....otherwise, held against chest (but I've got a little rig and no strobes).
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    I usually leave it on the boat because I am sure that the viz is going to be terrible, that there will be nothing worth takeing a picture of, or because I just don't want to be bothered.
    Of course those are the times it is crystal clear, the whale sharks come close, or insert anything else here.
    If you want great pictures, watch me. If I leave my camera on the boat, you know that it will be great.
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