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Thread: Nursing and diving

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krakenn View Post
    Excuse me, I would like some assistance from the lady divers if possible. I hope this is not rude of me to ask.

    I hope that this is OK, as I feel very vunerable and insecure posting within these hallowed chambers, rather like the male redback spider actually so Ill bugger off as quickly as I can when I get to ask my question and this is the closest thread that addressed my enquiry.

    A lady friend of mine recently dropped, sorry, had a young one and was told that she could no longer dive until she finished breast feeding as she may develop bubbles in the breast milk, so she told me. Now over here (Australia)we have a chocolate bar called an aero which is like bubbles in the light chocolate and this seemed to fixate in my mind re a similie for the breast feeding bubbles if you know what I mean as I could not see any problem with this for the baby.

    Anyway I feel like I am burying myself so can you ladies advise me 1) if this a load of cods whallop? 2) If not why would it cause problems.

    Many thanks for the opportunity to enter in here and ask this question as I feel like I have walked through the ladies underwear section in the shops I shall exit stage right as hope for a reply for me and my friend Emma.

    1) Load of Cods Whollop -- No problems, so what if breastmilk has bubbles that is what the digestive tract is for. Carbonated soda!!!!!!, DUH. Truly though where it loses any chance for making sense is when you think about the physiology. There is a chance for bubbles in the bloodstream because of the composition of air and blood, blood swings by the lungs and picks up gases on the way through thus dissolved nitrogen. There is no dissolved nitrogen in breast milk. It is a secreted compound from the endocrine cells of the breast. It's composition is fat, protein, water.

    P.S. I am a board certified OB/GYN and an Assistant Professor of Ob/Gyn.

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    Jee thx Obrules15 I will pass on to my friend as I must say I thought i was a little on the far side.

    BTW I love your direct reponses I hope that I am never one of your patients and you diagnose me with a life threatening illness, I can hear you now.

    "Kraks, any chances you have at extending your life are nil, your farrrked dude"


    If your not living on the edge your taking up too much room

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