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Thread: Another Great ScubaToys Customer Service Story

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    Another Great ScubaToys Customer Service Story

    Long story short - Scubatoys made what could have been a big problem into a worry free situation for me. Thank you.

    I sent my Regs, computer, and guages to Scubatoys (where I bought them) for the anual service. I filled out the form, left it in the box, and shipped it off, about 7-8 weeks before my upcoming trip.

    Once we got within the 2 week-till-trip countdown, I called to check in on my gear. Turns out they had shipped it a few weeks ago to my old address that was in the system (even though the new address was on my form included with the gar).

    Without any prodding from me, or headaches, I was told that they would try to track down my stuff through UPS before my trip, or will send me new stuff so I had something to dive with on my trip. I call a week later (one week before the trip) and UPS still couldn't get the package back, so I'm told a new setup will go out. The next day, I get a call, with their apoligies, but they didn't have my 1st stage new in stock, and would it be okay if they sent me the model on the shelf, which has not been used, but did have a few scractches on it. Sure, no problem, that is the least I could do (as long as the tech makes sure it is good to go)

    Today, the whole thing arrives. The scratches are very minor. Also apparently has a second stage from a different Zeagle regulator, but the only difference is color. While sending the stuff to the wrong address was their initial mistake, they made the whole process pleasant, easy, and painless to me, and at great cost to them. I thought this would be a hassle for me as my stuff had gone missing, but really none at all. No arguments, no blame, just the whole attitude of "we will make it right" is what I got from Scubatoys. Things like this is why I get almost everything from them.

    I've made one attempt to stop by the old address to track down my original equipment on my own, and will make another attempt tomorrow before I leave on the trip, in the event I can get the original back and get the new stuff back to Scubatoys before I use it.

    Thanks Scubatoys.

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    WOW. Just wow.
    - Fisheater

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    Truly excellent.

    I'm building up a huge wish list and will be moving them all to the cart very shortly. Stories like this regarding their customer service just confirms there is no reason to go anywhere else.

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    Gotta say, that is pretty cool.

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    I've heard about service like this from local shops (well not exactly the same situation...but still......). But how many online operations would do something like this?

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    In an age where almost anything can be done without any actual human contact, it is customer service like this that leads me to believe this internet stuff may not be as scary as I thought. Great job ST.

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