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Thread: smoke a cigar before diving

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    I've been known to smoke a cigar a time or two. I've even done it on dive trips but it's probably been at least 3 years since I smoked a cigar. That being said a good friend turns 50 in May of 2013 and looks like a few of us will be in the Philippines diving so I'm willing to bet I'll be smoking a cigar at least one night after the diving is done.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gasparotto View Post
    i read a lot of things about smoking a cigar or a cigarrete before diving. i smoke cigars twice a week, and i manage to not smoke one day before the dive, i never tried to smoke before diving cause i'm afraid, but have any of u guys done that?? how was it ??
    It is not so difficult to do. If you don't want to try this than i will say don't try. It could be dangerous for you because you afraid of this. So good luck and keep diving.

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