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Thread: Oly 5060 + housing + flash

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    Oly 5060 + housing + flash

    Olympus c-5060 and pt-020 housing
    Ready to dive. Great Christmas gift. Last used September2009

    $600 shipping included.

    c-5060 camera
    2 gig compact flash card
    Pt-020 housing with standard port
    pp-02 Wide angle port
    Olympus dry fit wide angle lens for use in the port
    Olympus adaptor camera to wide angle lens
    Sea + Sea YS-15 optical strobe kit
    Includes ys-15 strobe, tray, arms and fiber optic cable, diffuser
    Battery charger, generic
    2 batteries--one is Oly one is generic
    tele lens adapter for land use
    use the same convertor as the wide angle above
    Remote control unit is included in original plastic bag, never opened
    I got it used so the Canon software disc and original instruction manual for the camera are not there but the quick start guide is included and the manual was printed from the PDF and is in a three ring binder
    Please contact jimorus"at"

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    Umm - last used when?

    The Oly c5060wz and PT-020 is a nice setup, I'm quite happy with mine (I use an Inon Z240 though).
    PADI OWSI 36241 (ret)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daz View Post
    Umm - last used when?

    The Oly c5060wz and PT-020 is a nice setup, I'm quite happy with mine (I use an Inon Z240 though).
    I am also a happy 5060 owner using the UFL-1 strobe and PT-020 housing.

    All of the class group photos I've done and posted were shot with it, if any one needs examples. You can also go to my site below and check out some U/W stuff, too.

    John Lewis--the PlatypusMan!

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    Last used September 2008.

    Already dating stuff at work for 2009, sorry.

    We were on the Caymen Agressor the same week as Ike was tearing up Cuba. We never made it to Little Caymen but had the entire big island to ourselves until Thursday or Friday. The harbormaster had shut down the harbor. We saw cruise ships on Sundy i think, as they were being turned away.

    It was a little rough and windy but the folks got in all the dives every day. My wife and I blew off one dive after we went down to the reef, no viz and 2 of the night dives as the afternoon dives at the sites were pretty cloudy.

    It was our first liveaboard and definitely not the last.

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