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Thread: abdominal exercises

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    stand with your feet hips distance apart, hands on knees, squat till your elbows are bent out to the sides (just comfortably, not too deep, take your weight on your hands and knees) back and head forward (not a straight down squat, slight forward bend ) gaze down, inhale retain breath, pull your stomach in and up then push out as far as you can, repeat as many times as comfortable on the 1 breath, exhale, come to standing, and repeat if able, gradually increase reps. You can do this with your butt against the wall (stand about a foot or so away from wall) for security if you want. And do these on an empty stomach, very important. These are called abdominal lifts, 6 pack here you come!
    I've got a hard time visualising this.
    Care to video yourself and put it on youtube?
    “From birth, man carries the weight of gravity on his shoulders.. But man has only to sink beneath the surface and he is free" -- Cousteau

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    I was told about 13 years ago to do a number of different exercises to strengthen my back muscles. All were unsuccessful. I was in a sitdown job and it was terrible on my back muscles.
    I started walking, then walking/jogging on grass with many breaks. The back muscles hurt at first but I would just slow to a walk. I am now backpain free 100% and feel like I was 25 with my back muscles. My wife no longer has to put on my shoes for me (it was that bad I could not touch my toes). Keep on going, don't sit down, don't stop, you may waste away.
    I think we are made to walk, run, catch our food etc. etc. There's something good about it.
    +1 On pure inspiration!!

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