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Thread: Why did you decide to start solo diving?

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    LaPlace, LA United States
    My first dive was also my first solo dive. It was 1957 and I had bought my first rig a Voit double hose regulator, steel 72 cuft tank, Squale mask and Churchill fins and instruction book from the local sportinggoods store. BC's, SPG and other now common pieces of gear and dive shops were not yet invented or available. I knew no other divers, scuba instruction classes were not yet available in my neck of the woods and wouldn't be for several years to come..
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    I dive a lot with classes and that can get to be a handful. I go solo from time to time to remember why I love diving.
    That about covers it for me as well, started getting a little burned out from all the classes so went away for 2 weeks to the coast and just did solo dives.

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    Quote Originally Posted by papawhisky View Post
    I never tried solo diving until I was a dive master candidate. I had to set up floats, etc for classes before the class started and recover the equipment after the class. I never really thought of it as solo diving, but I became pretty comfortable diving alone. As an instructor I have observed that diving with students is much more complicated and perhaps more risky than diving alone.
    Solo diving is enjoyable, but I mitigate the risks by diving profiles that are relatively safe, and think thru and practice self rescue.
    I couldn't have said this better myself! Trying to keep 6 or 8 newbies safe is a lot of work!
    As to Roughwater's question-The dive operators that I have gone out with don't generally mind solos once they know you.

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    My first solo dive was about three years ago. Living in Iowa the good diving is always a fair drive away and a lack of buddies too. My wife and son are both certified but when you get to a dive place and they suddenly don't want to dive for some reason I figure I'm not going to let this drive all the way up here go to waist. When I do solo dive I keep it with in 30 foot so if I need to, I can do an EOOA ascent with out having to worry to much..

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    I've only solo dived a couple of times (due to lack of buddies). We planned a family trip to Branson, MO. Included was time with family, but also some diving (not everybody is a diver). My dive buddies (who are my brother and sister in law) at the last minute had to cancel because their daughter was having a baby (I guess this is a good reason, but hey this is diving - where are your priorities sometimes - just joking they needed to be where they were). So this left me as the only diver in the group. I couldn't resist, I did some shore diving solo where there were other divers. I wasn't the only person in the water. (I tried to buddy up with a couple, but they really wanted to do their own thing).

    Anyway, I kinda got scolded by my sister-in-law for doing the solo dives. (Keep in mind we have an agreement regarding diving - no arguing. If somebody does something the others think is not correct - say something) I can see her concern, but I didn't feel I was compromising safety. Yes, I was alone, but I didn't go deep, just needed to get wet and I always made sure other divers were in the area - just in case, but really what could they have done if something happened. They didn't know really where I was and definately wasn't there to be my buddy and watch me. This scolding wasn't really a huge thing, but she definately let me know that this probably wasn't the wisest thing I've done. I'm not upset with her because this is the agreement and I value her opinion.

    S. Nagel

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roughwater View Post
    I try to treat every dive as a solo dive (buddy or not). I think there's something to be said about being capable of helping yourself out!

    I agree 100%... I have found that even with the best intentions separation happens. So be prepared and account for this...

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    My first solo dive was at age 14 (1971). Didn't have buddy to dive with and wanted to go diving. My dad was pretty upset. I was diving on an old aluminum backplate, double hose reg with no second or SPG. But I was only in about 20' of water. Pretty crazy but at age 14 you are invincable. Now at age 50 I would kick my son a half mile if he did something like that.
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    I dive solo at the cottage. 30 feet, great viz, and no boats allowed on the lake. I'm always within 50 feet of shore.

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    I agree 100%... I have found that even with the best intentions separation happens. So be prepared and account for this...
    You must dive Beaver...That's how we started solo diving...separation
    happens in that lake, so instead of aborting dives, part of our dive
    plan includes possibility of separtion and agreement that the dive
    will continue and conclude as a solo dive. Since these dives are pretty
    much for fun and the thermal is hangin around 28ffw, its pretty safe.
    Three Laws Safe

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    I started Diving solo after we had another Child....When out on the boat, my wife didnt want to dive, but just hang out in the boat with the kids....So, I just decided to dive without her. I hang out under where the boat is anchored, strolling around the bottom, practicing skills, relaxation, and other ideas that come into my head. I also like messing with the kids when they are swimming.....nothing like grabbing their feet when they are floating on the surface

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