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Thread: CZM trip report 22-29 Dec

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    CZM trip report 22-29 Dec

    Well just got back and had a great time.

    Didnt start too well as my bags didnt arrive with me but got them eventually!

    We all stayed in a rented house just round the corner from Cheduraui (spelling?) supermarket. We also hired what must have been the most dangerous VW convertible going - but back safe and sound.

    Did a few recreational dives with Papa Hogs - great and real friendly. Dived Planacar and Columbia gardens. Nice easy relaxing drift with some fantastic sea life.

    Also when the others relaxed on the beach I completed EFR and Rescue with Dive Paradise - very challenging and rewarding. Would recommend all divers complete.

    Really enjoyed Cozumel and the weather was fantastic - just gotta decise where to next?
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    Thanks for the report. How many days did it take to complete rescue?

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    I did EFR on Christmas day and Rescue on 26th and 27th...I had already completed the book and video before I went
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    Nice report! The cool thing about cozumel is that you can keep going back for quite some time and get a new dive experience every time!

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