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Thread: Tusa IQ-800 Deco Stop at 10' ?

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    Tusa IQ-800 Deco Stop at 10' ?

    I have a new Tusa IQ-800. I went into Deco with the Tusa (my Oceanic back up computer did not) at about 95'. My Tusa told me to do a 3 min Deco Stop at 10'...To me that seemed a bit wrong...? Anyway , I did a Deep Stop at about 50' for a minute and the Tusa started adding Deco time to the 10' stop that it was warning ...actually got to 4 and 5 minutes of warning Deco time. I decided to ascend to a normal Safety stop depth of around 15 ' or so but my Tusa continued warning to go to a 10' deep Deco stop for 4 minutes.... So I ascended to 10' and held for 4 minutes when finally the Tusa went into a Safety stop for 3 additional minutes.
    Any opinions on this? The Tusa IQ-800 manual does not shed any light .Seems "strange" to me to have a Deco stop at 10'. Thanks!

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    10 feet is optimal - it still keeps enough pressure on you to keep the nitrogen in solution, but has reduced it to the point where you are off gassing at a rapid rate - but it is difficult to hold 10 feet without a line depending on conditions.

    Just think of it as a ceiling. 15 would work fine for you - not make much difference in time.

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    Check the parameters of the computer. Does it support deep stops?
    Some computers seem more flexible than others. My Mares computers I have to be 4.9m to 2.6m to do my safety stop or the counter stops.
    But my Uwatec will start the counter at 5m, but if I accidently drop to 5.5 it will continue counting.
    We were comparing computers on a recent course and my friends computers keep them 4 -6 metres for the safety stop. My instructor said a similar thing to larry, that 3 meters (10ft) is better than 6 metres.

    Edited to add:
    I actually even read my buddies computer's manual so I understand how our computers differ.
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