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Short answer is "no". Unless I am mixing my terminology up, there are no DIR-approved CCRs.

There is one SCR they are ok with (RB80), but the prereqs are pretty steep (Tech2, for instance), and in general, I'd say they're more about open circuit.

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There happen to be a few of highly thought of GUE/DIR divers that do happen to dive CCR units. Now does GUE certify divers in any unit other that the Halcyon RB80. No. Why? Because that is the current unit that they have experience in and continue to meets their needs. Will that change. I imagine that a new unit or modifications to the current one might start development soon as their research teams (WKPP actual dives) are beginning toreach the functional limits of a single unit.

So the questions becomes can DIR philosphies be applied to a CCR unit?
Some think so http://www.dirrebreather.com/
I don't know exactly who these guys are or what they teach or their background.

I do dive a CCR and I do dive DIR.