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Thread: Turtle bay dive resort

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    Turtle bay dive resort

    anyone been? We're considering this for our 1st Philippines trip. 4 days travel, 2 there, 2 back. Thinking April/10

    It's quite off the grid........

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    I haven't been. I was going to go to Moalboal and Tubbataha Reef but the trip fell thru and now I'm going to Grenada, St. Vincent and the Grenadines(on Wind Dancer) instead. When I was researching Moalboal I looked at Turtle Bay but decided on this resort instead: HOME | Kasai Village Beach Resort It had some great recommendations and the all inclusive package seemed like a better deal to me. I enjoyed my first trip to the Philippines to Pureto Galera and Dumaguete and heard great stuff about Tubbataha and Moalboal. You would only be diving Moalboal but I've heard they have a great variety of stuff there from small to whale sharks.
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    Turtle Bay Dive Resort

    Check out the reviews of Turtle Bay Dive Resort, Moalboal, Cebu on Trip Advisor. You can also see videos and photographs on Trip Advisor.

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