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Thread: Cayman Brac Reef Resort Status ?

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    Cayman Brac Reef Resort Status ?

    Has anyone been back to the Brac since it reopened?
    Wondering if the inactivity took some pressure off
    the reef and the diving may be really good...??
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    Yes, Diving is GREAT!

    Hey there! I work with Brac Reef Beach Resort... the first group back is coming on June 20. The hotel isn't reopened yet but dive opereations and the restaurant are... AND our website should be up within the next few days. come and visit us at Brac Reef, say Mimi sent you...

    I first dove at Cayman Brac 5 years ago, I have been all around the world and Cayman Brac is one of my favorite places... based on my love, I started working with them 2 months ago! come back and visit us!

    Mimi Crume

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    first group is from Texas...

    and funnily enough, our first group is from texas!

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    Cayman Brac is READY! C'mon down!

    Like the rest of the island, the Brac Reef Beach Resort is up and running and better than ever. Looks GREAT! Come on down! When your here, come out on Wednesday night and catch my karaoke show.

    See ya on the Brac!
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