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Thread: Bag size for full set of gear?

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    Bag size for full set of gear?

    how large should a duffel bag be to carry a full set of gear on a plane: BC, regs, fins, etc. etc.?

    how many cubic inches?


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    I will reply to this thread as well as the last JM.

    The setup that I have is for 1 set of gear (with redundant wetsuit and masks). This bag of mine also has clothes for a week if summer diving . It can be done in under 60 cu in (that's inches, not feet, my error).

    Of course that will depend on how large your equipment is as some BCD's and fins take up more space than others.

    The list that I gave you is the previous post is what I do when i take my trips. Here is the post again:
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    I believe airlines have limited the size of bag you can check in. The size limit is 60 cu in (maybe 62, I am old and forget easily) and the weight limit is 50 lbs. You can check in 2 bags and carry one on plus another small bag for a computer, purse, reg bag, camera bag, etc.
    Some travel bags offered exceed the 60 cu in limit and although lots of times you can check it in with no problem, I would hate to be at the gate and told I could not check my bag. I guess, they would charge you a small fee for extra size/weight but why chance it?

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    depends on how much gear you have??

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