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Thread: New HUB bcd

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    Arrow New HUB bcd

    Looks awsome for the $1800.00... It's got intergrated alternite reg, Air trim, Intergratd weight system, and Air lock ( holds your tank in place with air infated straps ).

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    sounds too expensive for me

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    I like the HUB

    I'm with you...I like the concept of the HUB...Just throw it on a tank and Dive Dive! but its strange that most sales people/dealers tend to steer me away from it ....saying it cost to much to get serviced...well lets break it down..if you took your HUB in to get serviced it would cost you 1 1st stagg rebuild plus 2 2nd stag rebuilds and a servive on the BCD

    I do like the Idea tho and I have seen them as low as -1200.

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    Mares H.U.B. Avantgarde BCD


    The first and only integrated diving system.
    But H.U.B. is much more. First of all, it is a system: i.e., a control unit which coordinates the diver's various instruments. Secondly, it is integrated: i.e., different instruments that where formerly scattered and separated are now incorporated into a single unit. H.U.B. provides maximum freedom of movement, by eliminating trailing hoses and improving general comfort. The instruments are all readily at hand, yet concealable. In addition, H.U.B. is equipped with Air-Trim, the new unit comprised of two simple button controls for inflation and deflation.


    - BC with Dragonfly cut Combines the advantages of back-mounted BCs with those of the traditional design for perfect buoyancy control in all diving conditions
    - Accessory pocket Inside the instrument compartment
    - Rear "Trim weight" weight compartments, ideal for an optimal distribution of the weights
    - Carrying bag, made from a special semi-foamed material for maximum protection, is included with the product
    - Airlock as standard, with dedicated hose is included with the product


    BC Body - Made from Ultra-tex, a material with exceptionally high resistance to abrasion and aging

    Buoyancy Bag - 1000 denier DuPont Cordura fabric

    Stainless Steel Rings - 2 on the shoulder straps, 2 on the BC body

    Oral Inflator - Stowed in a dedicated compartment for ease of use


    BCD, MRS Weight Pockets, Proton Ice Regulator, Proton Octopus

    On Sale here: $999.95

    Ask Larry though, ST is a Mares Authorized Dealer

    I hope that's the one you were talking about!
    Head for the kelp!

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    I don't like the idea that if/when something has a malfunction that basically ALL of your gear is out of service too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zenagirl View Post
    I don't like the idea that if/when something has a malfunction that basically ALL of your gear is out of service too.
    Excellent point! This is the argument that is used for a lot of integrated types of gear -- whether it be SCUBA, electronics or other areas. If one part goes out, all the parts are technically out of service for the duration.
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    We might even still have one kicking around... but besides the fact that if you have one piece go down you lose the whole unit... here is another thought.

    Let's suppose you decide you want a different BC... you have to start all over. What if you want to go with a new reg - that means getting rid of your BC as well.

    You will also find they are very heavy for travel as there is a manifold inside the unit that runs the hose routing. It adds about 6 lbs to what a normal bc and reg would weigh... which means you may need less additional weight - but plan on having a very heavy bag for traveling.

    If you are serious about wanting one - let me know the size you are after, and if I still have any there (they were discontinued a few years ago) I'd love to get you a great deal on one. (And after my sales pitch... how could you say no! )

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