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Thread: New Zeagle Line of Wings

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    New Zeagle Line of Wings

    Hi Scott,

    Just wondering if Zeagle are going to be offering a greater number of wings in the style of the 65lb doughnut wing. I may be wrong but this style of wing seems to be more popular these days, are you thinking of putting these out in single cylinder versions ie 30lb-40lb and smaller doubles versions (65lb is way too big for even most technical diving)so more lke 40lb, 50lb.

    Would be very interested in these kinds of wings, please don't make me buy Halcyon the expensive blue H's will clash with my Z's


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    1We have a new 30lb donut bladder in the works, which should be ready in time for summer in Australia.

    Other than that, I don't think any bigger donut wings are currently in the works.



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