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Thread: Atomic ?!?!?!

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    Atomic ?!?!?!

    So Ive been told breathing from an atomic reg is more than simplistic, and reading the reviews and rating's they have I'm leaning that way specifically the ST1 because of the corrosion resistance of the Stainless!! I've seen and heard that some companies stop making parts for certain regs, then the poor schmuck who has that reg cant service it and has to get a new set up. I feel atomic is a strong company to buy a reg from and whats the likely hood parts wont be available in the future????

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    Atomic is probably the best reg you can buy, IMO.

    I'd get the M1 over the ST1, however. Just no need for that much weight. Regs do just fine with reasonable care, no need for stainless... and stainless won't help protect your regs from lack of reasonable care.

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    There are virtually no companies that stop making parts for regs. Companies may go out of business... Like Dacor was going out, and hold sold off all the parts manufacturing dies, and then when Mares bought the name, they could not manufacturer parts for regs that were 20 years old...

    But aside from some small run regs from years and years ago... or very small manufacturers that come and go under different names, the major companies really do not have much parts issues.

    Atomic is a great line - we sell a lot of them - and their regs breathe great, whether it's their cheapest z series or up through the t series..

    Other companies make regs that in my opinion are as good... top of the line zeagle regs, the new oceanic's are amazing, etc. Really if you go with one of the good companies that has good customer support, I think you'll be very happy. And if you don't get a chance to check out different regs, remember we give a 30 day satisfaction guarantee, even if used, so you know you'll be happy with the purchase.

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