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Thread: criticize my photos!

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    I'd second Underwater Photography Guide

    Since you wanted some constructive criticism and critique, here you go:

    General comments

    - like many budding photographers, you have the tendency to cut off body parts. Stop it.
    - Isolate the subject and make sure it isn't competing for the eyes attention with other distractions.
    - Put the subject in an interesting scene, not necessarily right in the middle of the frame. Use composition and lighting to steer the eyes to investigate the scene the subject is in. Above water example: Think of a person standing on a railroad track. Rather than just putting the subject in the middle and hiding the track behind them, imagine placing the person in the left hand side of the photo and angle yourself so the track angles off into the top right corner. The eye starts off on the person - the subject, and then is led down the railroad track into the distance to explore the scene.

    Looking at your NC OBX Day 2 photo's:

    Anemones, coral, fish, fish 2 - these pictures are too cluttered, and the subject isn't very clear. For fish 2, the subject is clearer, but the backdrop is not terribly interesting nor does it set the subject in an interesting scene.

    Jellyfish, Jellyfish 2 and Jellyfish 3 - the color is interesting, but you cut off the tips of the jellyfish's tentacles. In the first pic (Jellyfish) with the tentacles curving and flowing out of the lower left hand corner it has a certain artistic quality to it, however - the other 2 I'd like all of the tentacles in frame though. In pic 2 - I might have waited for the small fish to have swam off or change your angle so the fish would have been behind the jellyfish to isolate the subject.

    Sandtiger pics - many of them you've cut the tail off the subject and a lot of backscatter. The angle in sandtiger 3 could have been more interesting if you would have moved to the left so more of the subject would have been visible.

    Stingray pics - the end of the tail is cut off in many of them. The stringray is swimming away from you in many of the frames and isn't terribly interesting in this direction.

    The tang and wreck photos also there isn't really a clear subject, or too much going on in the frame and is distracting.

    Wreck 2 - the lighting is interesting but what's the subject - the school of fish well lit or the big hunk of whatever that's blacked out? If it's the blackened out hunk, why is it blackened out, and if not, why does it take up so much of the frame? What may have been interesting is to have gotten closer to one of the sea urchins in the upper right hand corner, positioned it in the lower left hand corner of the frame, blacked it out and had the school in the background lit similar to what it is here.

    NC OBX -

    Slug 3 - a kinda cool picture, but if you had got lower, kept the angle you had on it and shown where the slug was going it would have been better. The angle of the slug would lead the eyes into investigating where the slug was headed off to.

    Starfish 3 - there's so much stuff in frame competing with the real subject - the starfish.

    Urchin - interesting, but the plant with the white on it in the immediate foreground competes for attention, drawing the eyes back and forth from the bottom of the photo to the middle where the urchin is. I would have positioned myself to get rid of the distraction. It looks like the background is dark - would have been cool to angle the strobes inward and blacken out the background to really make the spines pop with the sharp contrast.
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    Was my last post along the lines of what you were looking for in terms of a critique?

    Looks like I killed the thread

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    No you didn't kill it I have just been working on my thesis proposal so I have been a ghost on the board. I am back and getting ready to start AI duties again and get my Instructor this summer!

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