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Thread: Not a typical question...Dry suit & weights

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    I'd suggest you put on a couple more lbs.
    Just what I wanted to hear...more weight!
    Diving in warm salt with a new full 3mm suit, I dive with less than 2kg of lead. Dry, I carry just under 13kg, and boy what a change it is. By the time I get suited up, I'm dripping with sweat and ready for a break

    THOR: That is exactly my fear as I have heard of many people shooting to the surface out of control! I've taken many people to the chamber, but I prefer not to spend any time in one myself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DivingCRNA View Post
    Well, if the water is not too cold, and you do not owe Deco time, you can pull open you neck seal and flood the suit. That will fix it. But you have to balance the risk of the rapid ascent causing DCI or AGE vs. hypothermia from flooding the suit.

    Seriously. But it is your call.
    Gotta disagree with this one. Flooding your drysuit does not decrease your buoyancy if it is fully vented, it just makes you cold and wet. The thing that makes the drysuit buoyant is the air inside it adding to displacement. If there is no air to vent, adding water does NOTHING to your buoyancy - because water will always be neutrally buoyant when compared to the surrounding water. Think about it this way - all you have really done at that point is convert your dry suit into a wet suit. Granted, when you try to get out of the water you will be all kinds of heavy...

    Edit: There is a minimal amount of decrease in buoyancy that can be attributed to loss of some trapped air in the undergarments, but its not too much. It's certainly not enough of a decrease to offset loss of a couple pounds being shed suddenly from your weight belt

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