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Take your sun glasses off and look inside the coupler on the hose. The ones I see that are leaking are missing the o ring. If your condemning the leaking ones, you can send the bad ones to me.
Well I come to the forum offering my apologies for being human and being wrong. As it was put to me, I came home from work today, took off my sunglasses and looked at my low pressure inflator hose. Low and behold there was a tiny encapsulated o-ring down inside the coupler. I've never come across one that has leaked from there before and thus my ignorance. I've replaced many a schrader valve for leaking and a couple hoses for leaking at the swedge fittings or being dry rotted. I guess from now on I will verify things a little more before posting something in error. Please accept my apology.[/QUOTE]

If the LPI hose leaks from the connector when it is not connected to an inflator, then it is probably a faulty schrader valve. If it leaks in the area of the connectio0n when connected to an inflator, it is probably the o-ring (2-011).