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Thread: Diving in the Canary Islands

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    I was wondering if anyone had any dive experience in the Canary Islands, more specifically Gran Canaria... I will be there in a week and want to get some diving in... Any suggestions??

    Also, I will not have room for even my mask fin or snorkel. Is this a problem? Can I rent even these from the dive op?


    I will be staying at the ANFI Beach Club resort. DOes anyone have any experience with them?

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    ? any help???

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    Canary Islands

    Have not dived Gran Canaria but have dived Tenerife and Lanzarote and both were very good for Atlantic diving....lots of rays and average viz of 20-30m.

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    I can guarantee good diving here in Tenerife, all year round! The viz is usually at least 20m and temperature does not normally get less than 19C.

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    Gran Canaria

    I just got back from diving in Gran Canaria. The viz was great and the temperature was about 65F. It is easy to rent gear and cost about 15-20euros. There are a number of dive shops both in the North and South of the Island.

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    I've been to the Canary Islands for a several times. I especially liked Gran Canaria, I dived there a lot. There are a lot of morays, big rays, I saw angel sharks, etc. The water temperature can be between 19-24 Celsius degrees.
    I wrote a longer article about the region: The Eastern Canary Islands

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    Hi There

    I realise this is an old post.... but I have just read through your web page and you have it pretty much spot on

    We recently went to Gran Canaria and my husband went diving while the children and I relaxed on the beach. The diving here was good and my husband enjoyed it a lot.

    Living in Tenerife and diving every day when we teach is great but it was nice for him to dive for please ure too.

    We are very lucky to have an all year round dive season here in Tenerife and the Canaries....and lots of life to see as well.

    It is almist Angel Shark season agin so heres hoping

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