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Thread: Buying new gear and I need your input.

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    Buying new gear and I need your input.

    I've been diving for several years now and have been using the same gear since I started. I think it's definately time for a refit, especially for my BC. Has anyone out there been diving the new Hollis HD-100? What are the pros and cons of this BC? Also, I have always thought highly of Scubapro equipment but I have had problems with their regulators freeflowing in the past. I've been looking at the Hollis 212 DC1, the SP MK25 A700, Oceanic EOS Fdx-10, and the Sherwood Sr1 regs. Any input about their breathability, reliability, maintenance/service issues etc? As far as BCs go, I've been looking at the Hollis Hd-100, the Sherwood Tortuga, SP techs, and the Oceanic probe and outrigger. I like to have gear that is easily servicable and built to withstand the elements. If possible, I like to buy all of my gear from the same shop and manufacturer so it alleviates a lot of the service issues. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, and happy diving.

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    I really can't speak to any of the gear except Scubapro. I have the SP Knighthawk BC, and I love it...2 year overall warranty, with a lifetime on the seams. I personally watched a guy bring in a 10-year old SP BC to my LDS for a torn seam where the shoulder strap connects...factory repaired at no cost to him. They really do stand behind their products. I also have the SP MK25 first stage with the G250V second...really good rugged construction and good performance. I've not experienced any freeflow problems with the G250V. SP's regs have lifetime warranties as long as they're serviced annually...$40 each year at my LDS gets my first, second, and Air2 inflator/octo serviced...SP provides the parts.

    I've used Sherwood regs in the past, and was really happy with them also, but I haven't had any recent experience with them.

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    If you haven't already, you might check out the regulator reviews at Regulators | Scuba Diving Magazine

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