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Thread: It looks like Bali/Komodo

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    It looks like Bali/Komodo

    It looks like we're going to do the Komodo Dancer next July 17th-27th. We'll actually spend a few days in Bali before flying over to Komodo to catch the boat and sailing/motoring back to Bali over the next 10 days.

    I've got a few concerns about water temp though. I know the southern parts can get down to 71-72 degrees, but from what I'm seeing on the Peter Hughes site, most of the diving will be along the northern parts of the islands, which should be around 80 degrees.

    I'd appreciate any information about the water temps and any hotel/resort recomendations for our few days in Bali.
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    When I'm in Bali I try to stay in Sanur it's less crowded and touristy then the Kuta area. Don't remember the name of the hotel but it was something the Sanur Beach Resort or something similar. Lots of 4 and 5 star places for really good prices.

    When I dove in Komodo I brought a shortie I wore over my 3 mil when diving the colder Indian Ocean side.
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    I have places I'd definitely recommend in Amed and Tulamben, but ours was mostly a bare budget trip, so other than the one really nice place (which was a visit, not a stay), I can't help too much on the resort question. PM me if you want the info I have.

    As for temps, we never say anything approaching 71 degrees. There was ONE dive off Nusa Penida (southern extreme of the island) that hit 75, but that was the exception... the rest were ALL over 80 (85.3 max, ~82 avg), including the other Nusa Pedida area dives (we dove Nusa Penida, Amed and Tulamben, so we never made it to the northern shores). I wore a 5mm wtih no hood and was toasty warm the whole time, while the peeps in 3mm full suits were cold on occasion, given how much we were diving.

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    I have been to Bali 3x...very good diving...I would stay in the Tulamben area. Look at Bali | Mimpi Dive Resort | Indonesia or Scuba Seraya Resort in Desa Tukad Dabu, Tulamben, Bali, Indonesia I have not stayed at either but will stay at one when I go back and probably Seraya.

    I've heard there are some other good dive areas....But I am waiting for CompuDude's trip report

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    Crystal Bay is great for spotting Mola Molas, but beware the cold which can go down to 18 degrees Celsius. Also the currents can be quite strong and unpredictable sometimes. At Manta point, you can find huge mantas bigger than you are. They're a bit shy, so keep your distance or else they might be chased off and go some place else. If you wait patiently for a short while however, they get comfortable and will actually approach you, then you can really fly with the mantas.

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