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Thread: Underwater Ruins - Yonaguni, Japan

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smashee View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by mitsuguy View Post

    edit: those almost perfectly round boulders, they found those to be man made...
    Considering they're buried under 50m of mudstone in a country that's been inhabited for at most about 1000 years, only a freaking idiot would consider them to be man-made. Please cite your references.
    we are obviously talking about different perfectly round boulders...

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    I suppose it's quite possible the Ainu could have constructed it, if anyone did.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jack Hammer View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by mitsuguy View Post
    um, I'm sorry... anyone who looks at those pictures and says they are naturally occurring is a freaking idiot...

    there is zero way possible that mother nature made those perfect angles and perfectly flat terraces...
    I recall from my basic Earth Science class that there are many types of rock that have naturally occuring perfect angles. I've personally seen natural formations in the wild that are inspiring and would on the surface seem to be of unnatural origin, but are just examples of mother nature at work. FTR, I've never been to site in question and whether it's naturally occuring or manmade effects me little. Just pointing out that nature can be decieving.
    I agree there are many other instances of naturally occurring formations. I want to dive the site regardless.
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    I dived Molokini outer wall last summer, and saw what looked like steps in the rock (I was told they were lava formations), but they were cut at almost right angles like steps

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