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Thread: Air consumption VS. Muscle Mass (Leeching cells)

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    I just went out and got a mile of running in....trying to lose that 20lbs before Wakatobi.....hell it sounds like I need a cookie and milk!

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    I suppose the BMI is one of those general measures that applies to most people. But for people who are not in the mainstream it doesn't appear to be very useful since, as has been posted, it doesn't take into account body type, composition, or, for that matter, lung size.

    So, the very fit heavy weights, like weight lifters, and light weights, like runners aren't scored very accurately.

    Personally, I like the combination of measured physical ability and body fat percentage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GodsDefog View Post
    So does it really pay to work out or just stay out of shape so you don't carry around more leeching cells?
    "Working out" doesn't mean you have to build mass. You can increase your stregth and be a lean, mean, diving machine.

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    I do not know of any scuba related studies that have been done in regards to the BMI.

    Building muscle and droping fat is a better alternative than "staying out of shape" as you say. Will alot of extra muscle use more air compared to alot of extra fat?.............I don't know.

    What I do know is that there is more to be concerned about here than how much extra air you might or might not use, over the course of one tank, if you lean toward one side or the other.

    A good diver needs to have good cardiovascular health in order to better facilitate his own and his buddies enjoyment and safety of the sport of scuba diving. It is much more important to have this than it is to be able to lift the boat.

    Don't fool yourself into thinking that being out of shape is beneficial to you.

    Good judgment comes from experience.
    Experience comes from bad judgment.

    A series of unrecognized mistakes does not constitute experience.

    I'm a NMOF and proud of it.

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    The optimal body type for a diver would probably be similar to a marathon runner; very lean, not much muscle. I simply base this on the fact that small women tend use less gas than large men (all else equal), and because you don't need much muscle to dive so it's just using up energy and creating drag, and fat too creates drag hence the marathon runner body type is likely to be optimal for diving - especially for long technical cave dives and such.

    That said, who here would seriously sacrifice their hard earned muscle mass for a slightly better air consumption rate? Besides, most of it probably depends on breathing technique anyway.

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    I think I read some where that N2 disolves faster in fat then lean tissue? not that realy does any thing for your question, but it would be a good arguement for being lean.

    I agree with the BMI being crappy, I have a 30-33 BMI, but only around 15%-17% fat.

    I love it it makes the so called "experts" Dietations, and Doctors that I work with around the Hospital nuts, and I just smile and say, "I guess you just don't know it all"

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