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Thread: batteries or rechargeable?

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    batteries or rechargeable?

    I was wondering if there is a general best practice when it comes to power sources? Are rechargeables a viable option? Should I stick with one way batteries?

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    I use rechargables for lights, strobes and cameras. It is more cost effective in the long run and replacement batteries can be hard to find in some locations and expensive. I can get aprox. 350+ cycles on rechargables with my strobes (1 day/3-4 dives) and about 3+ hrs burn time out of my dive lights.

    Purchase an extra set and keep one charged at all times so they will be ready when needed.

    Like all batteries they should be removed and stored when not in use.

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    Depends on the light but I like rechargeable ones on my primary light and regular ones in my backups.

    You can buy rechargeable packs for some lights. Before I went to a canister light I used a UK C8 with rechargeable pack. I could get a few one hour night dives in before recharging.

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    I'm pretty sure you asking about camera/strobe batteries, but I check both wife and my primary lights...they are both c8 models...16 c cells add up in weight. Since they don't really have much tolerance to bags over 50 pounds anymore, if I know I can buy them on location, I buy my primary lights batteries when I get there. It's usually a little overpriced, but not as bad as the extra weight fee (or extra bag fee).

    My camera/strobe doesn't get checked, and I carry the batteries on the plane. I use energizer lithium, as I get lots of pics and flashes out of them. I have never tried rechargable, as I read in a forum post of poor performance with my camera/strobe combo (sealife reefmaster mini, sl961d - an inexpensive point and shoot setup). However the battery life issues with rechargeable seem to be greatly related to MY model camera, not so much about the batteries.

    On the checked batteries/weight thing, If I fly American, it's not usually as much an issue, they allow 2 checked bags to most international destinations...Continental only allows 1...and those are usually what I fly. Pretty much all of the diving I do (except local mud holes) is going to be an international flight.
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    Good quality NiMH or Lithium rechargeables in everything except backup lights... you know, the ones you absolutely must have work, because the flit has really hit the shan if you're digging out your backup.

    In some cases I'd consider the newer low self-discharge NiMH for backups, as long as they're topped off once every couple months or so. Not all cases, but some.

    Rechargeables are definitely the way to go for primary lights and photography equipment, though.

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