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Thread: Neckton 10-16 to 10-24-09

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    Smile Neckton 10-16 to 10-24-09

    After careful thought, I believe the key word here is Value, Value, and Value. Being that we paid less then 50% of what we paid on the Mike Ball, or Aqua Cat, we got excellent Value for our money. Yes, Itís not the luxury that the more expensive ones are, but a super value if money is of concern.
    The first day on Puerto Rico started not so good. Spent 60 dollars round trip to and from the airport, because we got in a day early, and they only picked up at the airport. A couple of divers that rode with us in the van, waited from 8AM till 2:30 PM for the shuttle at the airport the whole time. Then stopped at the store from snacks and liquor, neither of which we consumed. Drank some liquor, but there was lotís of food. Went to dinner at the harbor because we were told there wouldnít be anything aboard, but contrary, there was a large assortment of cold cuts, and other food when we got aboard. When we got off the boat we waited in hot un air conditioned van for quite some time, for seemingly no good reason.
    The best was the crew, very good, hard working, and friendly. We had a full boat 34 Divers, and didnít see any issues, except sometimes on the dive deck, some had to wait a few minutes, no big deal. The food was good, not the best, some times a little cold, but tasty.
    Again, my issues can be explained by the price we paid of around one thousand each.
    I am a big guy, and the beds had little padding, and being older, wasnít comfortable, in fact, I really wasnít comfortable anywhere on the boat. The lounge chairs on top didnít have pads, Be seating in side was slippery plastic 2Ē pads, werenít very comfortable. Some eating tables are back in the corner, so if you get stuck there you feel out of it.
    Again, comparing with more expensive liveabord, these boats are not a well kept, and as diver friendly as the others were. Like the space on the dive deck for each diver was very tight. The grit on the dive ladders were coming off or missing, making it slippery in places. The bathroom door in each room wouldnít close do to swelling and rust.
    Comparing again, we didnít move dive locations as much as other did, so usually two dives in the same location, which was all right. For a special designed boat, I didnít think it was any smother then others I been on. My computer went out mid trip, and they didnít have any to rent, so lucky that another diver help out, or I would have been not diving, because I have integrated air pressure.
    Bottom line, would we go again, and would we recommend this boat/trip. Yes, understanding you getting a lot for the money. And if Diving on a liveabord is something you want to do, and canít easily afford the more luxury boats, this was it.
    They do ask for a $45 a day tip, which brings the price up some.

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    Thanks for the report. Did the same trip back back in the beginning of October it's could to read and hear others opinions as well. Glad you had a good time.

    BTW the $45 a day tip is a suggestion not a law. Give what ever you feel it's worth.
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    Belize on the Pilot was one of our favorite trips.......hoping to hear more reports about their new itinerary.
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