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    UK Diving

    I Thought I should start a thread about diving in the UK as I have been diving here for 24 years now and its probably not on the top of your dive destinations its a great place to dive. There are thousands of shipwrecks, yes thousands. The marine life is very good as well if you know where to find it....LOL

    If you have any questions about diving in the UK I will do my best to answer them...

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    Scapa flow

    Had a great weeks diving on the Karin, we dived in the flow instead of the planned deep stuff outsite the flow. The weather was dry most of the time but it was force 8 gusting 10 at times, lucky we were on the karin, Scapa Flow Diving, Orkney & John's Charters - Scuba Diving
    as its a very stable boat and has a great lift. Met all the Usual suspects and some new ones. The old suspects were Meeko, Rob, john, bruce and new to me were three belgian guys but john luke one of the Belgians has been on the karen a few times and john and james from England. We dived the König, Kronprinz Wilhelm, Markgraf, Brummer, Karlsruhe and the Dresden.

    Diving the flow on a rebreather gives you the time to get inside the big ships and the time to get out still breathing. We got quite deep into the Brummer and came out the other side, The big guns on the Markgraf were amazing I have never seen them with as good viz before, there are more open places you can penetrate the wreck now and get a feel for the areas you are in. There are access hatches you can enter and get 40+ meters inside. I wish I had taken my camera as the viz was a very acceptable 10-15 meters on most of the dives.
    The apree dives were in Flattys bar and not the Ferry Inn, flattys is the new in place to go these days.
    I got a new neck seal and boots put on my suit at scapa scuba and had a full week of dry diving. I know I'v said before but scapa scuba is the best place I know to get a suit sorted

    Dive guides...
    SMS Markgraf Finstrokes divesites


    SMS Brummer Finstrokes divesites
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    Las Vegas, NV, USA
    The Scapa Flow's on my bucket list. Welcome to the forum.

    It's only impossible.

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    I go there for a week every year, its a great place to dive. There are the big wrecks, and if you like a virgin, there are still a few virgin wrecks being found every year around orkney and shetland.

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