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Thread: Are warrantees transferrable?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LeeParrish View Post
    It looks like with the new line of Oceanic computers out that some of the dealers are starting to do clearance sales on their older models. Hopefully ST starts this, I'd really like to get one from them rather than from somewhere else.
    True. I was fortunate to snag a deal that ST was offering on a reg package -- an upgrade to an Oceanic VEO100 Air in place of the standard depth gauge for just $70. I really wasn't expecting to fit a comp into the gear budget just yet, but with that deal I could manage.

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    When I ordered my reg set last spring from ST I upgraded my standard gauge set to the same computer too . I've used it now for about 50 dives and it's worked well. Since I'm considering Nitrox this spring, I wanted a Nitrox computer and decided to keep my console unit and go with a wrist unit this time. It will be nice to have a backup.

    I got lucky and my unexpected expenses for a new furnace/air conditioner were a few hundred less than the original estimate, so I was able to sneak in a new dive computer. I ended up with the Oceanic Geo with the download cable, and ST was able to price match another vendors sale price, so I ended up with the entire package for under $300 which to me is a great deal! While the air integrated computer would have been nice, and someday I may decide to get one, for now this has everything I need and is a great setup and at a budget price. And I feel much better getting equipment with a full warrantee from ST where I know ithey will stand behind the product if I run into any problems with it in the future.

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