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Thread: Canister light in hand carry?

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    Canister light in hand carry?

    I've always carried my cannister light hand carry with the battery disconnected. I've been told some airline staff are insisting that recent change now prohibit this. I've contacted Continental and got nowhere and their website is hopeless. Anyone really know if there has been a change in policy?

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    Personally, I can't see this as a problem. It might get tagged for a look-see, but once it's noted to be a can light, it "Should" pass. The information on your side is that the airlines are wanting litium and NiCad batteries to be placed in carry on vs/ checked baggage due to the purported but seldom happening fire from the batteries. So that may be your ace in the hole so to speak. I've not head of it. While I didn't havea can light, my UK light canon went through on carry on without problem.

    Also, check the TSA site vs. the airlines. That's where you'll have problems if there are any. For the most part, airlines don't ask any questions about carry on's short of size. TSA are the one's who might give you grief.

    Some links for you:
    TSA: Safe Travel with Batteries and Devices

    For the batteries themselves: Safe Travel

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    I just tell them it's lighting equipment for photography (BEFORE they see the battery pack... which looks very bomb-like... on the scanner!!!!!!) and they've never been interested beyond that. I always carry my canister light on.

    Heed my warning about telling the x-ray tech what he's about to see, though. I know a guy who had the bomb squad called on him!

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    I carry light and batteries separately....when going thru security, I put them on top of the pile and usually wear some kind of dive t-shirt or visor so they know what's coming thru the pipe.
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    I have never flown with my can light but I have wondered about them wanting to see the battery. I have a Salvo 12w LED which is sealed, so I can't just pop the top off and show them that it is a battery.

    Has anyone had any issue with flying with one of these in your carry on?

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