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Thread: Headed to St. Croix May 1 - 8, 2010!

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    how did you get to go for 7500 ff miles r/t? i was in the 25-35000 range-and i have over 100,000

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    Our original itinerary was booked for May 1 - May 8, 2010 in July 2009 @ 35,000 FF miles each, and was the only such itinerary on the Delta FF calendar for Satuday departure in all of 2010 for only 35,000 FF miles per person when booked in July 2009.

    Changing the booking yesterday to depart May 12, 2010 instead of May 8, 2010 cost an additional 7,500 FF miles per person plus $100 cash per person.

    I had over 100,000 Skymiles both when I booked the trip and when I changed the itinerary - now I have 92,000 or so left.

    If you haven't seen what the latest rules are on Delta FF miles, it's WAY different than before the merger with NWA - basically each FF mile is worth a penny, but there are still occassions when you can't use FF miles at all.

    Pay with Miles

    If our original May 1 - May 8 itinerary hadn't been booked under the prior Delta FF mile program, we probably wouldn't have been able to make the change for only 7,500 additional FF miles each plus $100 cash each.

    If you look right now, you can book Delta round trip May 1, 2010 departing New orleans and May 12, 2010 departing St. Croix for just over $400 per person plus cash fees, so it's about the same as 42,500 FF miles each.

    We kept exit row seats on all 4 flights even with the itinerary change!
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