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Thread: nikon coolpix S630 help

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    nikon coolpix S630 help

    Hello all I just went out last week to shoot some pictures under water, But I am not very camera smart in the settings. Is there any advice on some settings I should look at. I will try to post a picture so maybe you can see what I need to do. Thanks
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    Your camera does not have manual controls so your options are limited. Try these settings and see if you have an improvement...

    If you can take a manual white balance reading do that, if not set the camera to "Cloudy". If you can set a manual white balance reading do so off of a white slate or card at depth, this will need to be re-set at every 10-15 ft interval or moving from a well lighted area to a shaded area as the amount of diffused light changes.

    Set the exposure compensation to around the -1 or -2 depending on conditions.

    Without a u/w strobe it is hard to get natural color within 6-8 ft range for the foreground, the cameras flash can help but it will most likely cause more issues than correct like backscatter and maybe flaring.

    The background in u/w photographs is mainly controlled by the camera metering for the given light that the camera sees at the time. This can be manipulated somewhat with manual control of the shutter speed and aperture but you will not be able to really do this to any extent with this camera.

    The best advice for you and your set up would be to concentrate on close subjects (0 to 2-3 ft max) where there is no particulates in the water for the cameras flash to reflect or turn the flash off and hope the white balance and exposure compensation can bring out better contrast and natural color.
    **A red filter could help also if you will be diving in locations with high ambient light. Adding even a budget strobe will make a huge difference for the foreground exposure as well.

    Hope this helps, try it out and post with the results.

    Here is an example of a natural light photo shot without strobe and manipulating the cameras controls. This was done with a camera that has full manual control and at 15ft at mid day with plenty of available light.

    Exposure:0.017 sec (1/60)

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