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Thread: Jpeg+raw?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DevilDiver View Post
    Great pics N! Really like the first with the forced perspective of the arm with the Brittle Star and Arrow Crab. The Tarpon is fantastic, what a great opportunity to see that.
    Thanks, the tarpon shot was not easy, the light was challenging, there was sediment in the water plus a brownish cast, the fish don't like to stay still and they are like taking a photo of a mirror with the strobes on. I hung around and shot two dozen photos trying different settings, strobes, no strobes and every trick I had and all I can say is that it was not an easy shot. Despite what some say, the S90 is a fast camera for a P&S and that coupled with the continuous mode and fast firing capability of the Inon D2000 strobes, focus on manual, finally allowed me to get a shot I was satisfied with before my wife got bored and left me . The fish were actually feeding which was pretty cool. A few more:

    My boss person:

    Mermaid at Sunset House:

    Just seaward of the mermaid is this little wreck of an ex dive boat or something, a fun night dive:

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