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Thread: Preparing my firts hollidays as a diver

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    Preparing my firts hollidays as a diver

    Hello to all,

    As a OWD Iīm preparing my first hollidays as a diver, any hintīs how to pack all the equipment ?


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    I put bc/fins/wetsuit in checked bag. I carry on my reg/mask/computer.

    When flying to your destination, be sure to make sure your checked bag is 2 pounds (1 kg) under the airline limit. No matter how much I let my gear dry after my last day of diving, it always weighs just a little more coming home. When you get home you can give another thorough rinse and let it dry for days if necessary. However, you may only have 24 hours between your last dive, and departing flight for it to dry out when on holiday.

    Have fun.
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    I pack everything (other than camera gear) in checked bags. Make sure no batteries are stored in the respective equipment. Pack batteries separately.

    That being said, we now rent regs when traveling, as packing/weight and carry on issues for us in Canada. But even when we traveled with our own regs, always in checked bags, never had an issue.

    Take 1/2 of the clothes you think you will need. No blow dryer/curling iron, won't matter! Lots of moisturizing cream/body lotion.

    Stuff your fin pockets with your flashlights, and place the fins along the long side of your bag (bottom side of fins against zipper).

    Sunscreen, and a ton of bug stuff, if you don't need it at the time, leave it for the staff.

    Small bills for tipping.

    A happy, adventurist attitude! Enjoy!
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    Hey Peter,

    Where are you going? If you are driving or taking a train, you'll have different luggage restrictions than if you are flying. I'm not sure how flying works in Europe. Flying within Canada is less restrictive than flying to the USA or any other international destination.

    Rayaa3 makes a good point. No matter how much you let your gear dry it will always weigh a little more. So if you are flying, make sure you don't pack your luggage to be spot on the weight limit. You might also consider leaving room for souvenirs and t-shirts.

    You don't need to pack weights (dive shops will supply you with weight) but you might want to bring your weight belt (if you use a weight belt). Last time I didn't bring a belt the only thing that had was either too small or wrapped around me twice.

    If you are going to be doing multiple dives over multiple days, no matter how warm the water is, you will get cold. Bring an appropriate wetsuit. If you tell us were you are going we can give some guidelines.

    Most important... bring a sense of adventure.
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