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    Underwater Cameras

    I am looking at the Sealife cameras. I know that I need a flash but there is a big difference in price between the package with one flash and the one with two. How important is it to have 2 flashes? Would it be fine just to go with one flash? I want good photos but I am not a professional.

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    If by "Flash" you mean "external strobe" ("flash" usually means the one built onto the camera), then yes, you can do fine with only one strobe. That's all I have.

    If you can, however, get a kit that will allow you to add a second strobe down the line, because it's likely that you'll want to at some point, if you get really into it. I do fine with one, but I really want a second strobe when my budget allows.

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    I bought the dc1000 for florida. Did great no problems what so ever. It has one flash and seem bulky for diving I hate to image how bad two would be.

    As for the camera itself, not the best for shore pics. I have been using it as a everyday camera but it has issues. I have some trouble getting it to focus and take good pics. Could be me but if I had it to do over again I would do it in a heart beat. It is for diving pics and anything else is extra.

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    My SeaLife experience (DC600) was that it doesn't do a good job up top. I still have it but purchased a Canon 720is and it does so much better that there is no compairison.
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