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Thread: Moving to Flagstaff AZ

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    Moving to Flagstaff AZ


    it looks like im going to be moving to flagstaff mid-late july. i'm hoping someone can point me to some decent dive spots in the area.

    any help will be greatly appreciated.
    ~ cheers

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    Just make sure you can prove you are a citizen. LOL
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    Ummm... zero... sorry.

    Sine Timore!

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    There really isn't any. There's been a drought for over a decade so any of the nearby mountain lakes are too shallow or too murky. We have a cabin just south of Flag so I know that area pretty well.

    Mormon Lake has all but dried up recently, in the summer you could walk across it. It's only about 10' deep when full - and full of weeds. Ashurst and Kinnikinnic are shallow, muddy fishing holes. Stoneman Lake is also about 10' deep - if it's still there. As of last September there was a warning on the USFS website that there was very little water left. Upper and Lower Lake Mary are shallow - if full Upper is about 40' deep. Lower disappears (dries up) at times during the summer.

    The nearest diving would either be Lake Pleasant just north of Phoenix or Lake Mead near Las Vegas. Or Lake Mohave south of Mead. Some friends told me Mohave is better than Mead. Or north to Lake Powell, there's a diveop/kayak rental place in Page so they must dive locally.

    Here's your local dive shop in Flagstaff: Summit Divers & Watersports

    Good news is Flagstaff is about 6-8hrs. drive from really good cold water diving off Los Angeles or San Diego. Or maybe 10? hours south through Arizona to warm water diving in San Carlos MX - near Guaymas. Summit does trips there.

    I like San Carlos, it's a sleepy little town, with good diving a boat ride away. The water is 80+ in summer, there's a seal/sea lion colony at San Pedro Island and the Hammerheads school there in the fall before moving south. Our local LDS's run trips down there just for that - predicting the week is a challenge. We saw Cortez Angelfish, Eels, Rays, and the Seals/Sea Lions will come out to play if you moor near the colony (you will). Dolphins ride the bow wave both ways often to/from town. Last fall several boats saw an Orca riding their wake, there's a video of it somewhere.

    It's decent warm water diving, viz can be about 60' or so on a good day. For being such a small town, there must be about 5-6 dive operators there, a couple run multiple boats daily.
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    thanks for the replies, thats kind of what i was expecting.

    hopefully i can make it out to cali some. 6-8 hrs really isnt that bad
    ~ cheers

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