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Thread: Purpose of Diving Luggage

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    *Side Note - Regarding Weight Restrictions*
    Be Conservative when packing bags to be just under the weight restriction. Your gear and clothes will be wet on the return leg of the trip. Your bag will weigh more than it did on the outbound leg.
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    A cheap Costco rolling duffel is what I use for the same reasons listed above, it's best not to advertise that you have dive gear in the bag when checking bags at the airport.
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    Dive companies sell dive luggage because people will buy it, simple as that. They have some features intended for dive gear but various types of regular luggage work just as well or better. We've flown a fair amount with dive gear and prefer a rolling duffle with a hard bottom and good pull out handle, and good strap system to keep things under control. We used some cheap and simple rolling duffles for years that were quite durable but not nearly as nice to travel with. We started out using hard luggage but it was much less durable, better things bend then break - also heavy and not very suitable for a liveaboard or small plane.

    I'm not concerned about the supposed wet salty gear issue. My dive gear is definitely not going to be salty when I pack it. It will be dry 99% of the time and close enough the other 1%. (It is an occasional new dive traveler mistake, but you do not take a gear bag intended for the plane onto a dive boat in a tropical destination. Buy a mesh bag and pack it for that need.)

    Many feel having bags with dive logos that advertise dive gear is a bad idea. I don't know if in reality this is really an issue, but it's certainly not an advantage. So if I needed a bag and found a "dive" bag that met my needs I might consider it. But there's certainly no reason to go out of your way to buy special "dive" luggage either.
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    It seems to be a minority position on this subject, but I'm on the other end of the spectrum.

    I'm a big fan of buying equipment designed for the need. I would rather spend a few more bucks upfront on what I feel is a long-term solution than periodically replace bags.

    My current bag is a rolling dive gear bag that I bought 10 years ago for just under $150 and it is still going strong. It's a plain black Armor dive bag that does not have the "I'm a dive bag, please steal me!" logos on it so that's not an issue.

    It has a hard bottom and back, pull handle, multiple pockets, drainage, heavy duty zippers and it checks in at the airport at 39 lbs. fully loaded for a 2 week trip.

    From a cost perspective, my $15 per year stacked up against what others spend replacing bags might well be a wash. I think that the hidden value is that I've been packing the same bag the same way for 10 years with no worries about fit, weight, restrictions, etc. Just works for me.

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    i have an apollo black duffel. I put i plastic crate inside so things don't get crushed if other bags are placed on top of it.

    some airlines charge extra if they find out that you have dive gear, and I think its better if you don't advertise it.

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    I love my big monster Akona dive bag. It's way too big and heavy to travel with, but it's killer for dragging a ton of gear up the ramp to local boats (the larger ones that have room for it, at least).

    But I got it practically free with some expensive dive gear I was buying anyway... I'm not sure if I'll replace it with a similarly spendy bag (at full price) when it dies.

    When I travel, the lightest possible bag is important, and frankly, that's rarely dedicated dive gear, which tends to be engineered to be durable... and heavy. I use my regular Victorinox luggage when I'm worried about weight limits, because it's way lighter than most dive gear I've seen. I pack a super lightweight mesh duffel to take into salty situations, not my good stuff.

    Other standard luggage that I would give serious consideration to as travel gear, since I've had numerous reports of it making excellent dive luggage, is the Samsonite F'lite hard suitcases. Reasonably priced (for real luggage with real warranty), fairly lightweight, no liner to get wet, rot, or hold water, easy to clean, available in lots of colors and extremely rugged. Good stuff.

    For the best sheer capacity + low price to weight ratio by far, though, a good old-fashioned duffel bag can't be beat. Just be sure to wrap the more fragile items in a wetsuit or towel, or carry them on. Most dive gear is rugged enough it's not a problem.

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